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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Telomere, Telomerase & Telomere Length Testing without blood draw

The telomere length is the measurement of the end caps on each chromosome that has been correlated to your longevity.  This is measured as an average of several cell's chromosomes and the mean telomere length (TL).  This can be done via blood sample as seen in some very expensive testing labs, but recent developments in cutting edge biotechnology and lab science has made the measurement accurate with the use of a buccal swab (sample of cells from inside your cheek).  This can be done without having to draw blood from your vein.

You can measure your TL with a HOME TEST KIT.  And all for far less... $99 for this test kit from Zimetry.  It is recommended obtaining a baseline measurement and then reassessing every 6 to 12-months to see if any interventions help in lengthening your telomeres.  The longer your telomeres the longer your estimated life expectancy.  For more on TL read:  TL Article by Dr. Saleeby

image of the telomere at end of chromasome

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