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Saturday, February 13, 2016

How to get High Quality Dietary Supplements.... (access only patients of some physicians can get)

In early January 2016, FRONTLINE the PBS investigative reporting program had a program on how bad the dietary supplement industry was.  Because it is an unregulated multi-billion dollar a year industry, and because of legislation back in 1996, the FDA has no authority to demand quality and effective supplements.  This FDA-hands-off issue has lead to the fact that the buyer-beware.  No telling what is out there and if it is effective or even safe.

The Canadian study of a couple of years ago revealed that with DNA testing many of the over-the-counter supplements were just not offering what was on the label.  The attorney general's office of the state of New York followed up a year later with their own investigation and made some big box and chain supplement stores pull their products off the shelf.

How to solve this problem.  Well active patients at our practice are allowed access to high-quality, self-regulated GMP companies that adhere to a much higher standard and have their products independently laboratory tested for quality analysis.  One particular distributor requires this of every brand-name they carry.  Only caveat here is that access to this distributor is limited to healthcare providers.  This makes it impossible for the general public to get direct access.

You should have access to the best products.

For a limited time Priority Health will grant access to non-patients following a one-time (lifetime) membership fee of $10.

What you will get:

  • Access to a national distributor that screens all formulary companies with independent laboratory analysis of their products.
  • Drop Shipping (free with larger orders) right to your door.
  • Access to a wide variety and hundreds of products (dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, homeopathic preparations and essential oils) from dozens of manufacturers.
  • 15% Discounts on all Dietary Supplements ordered.
  • Bulletins and Health Updates from Priority Health (quarterly)
  • Access to well written articles and PowerPoint presentations on a variety of health topics (archived in your password protected Internet portal)
  • 10% discount on doctorate level provider (ND) health and lifestyle coach telehealth consultation for the year 2016.

Inquires/sign-up please email:

For more on Frontline and the Dietary Supplement Industry click on this link.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Orlando, Palm Bay, Vero Beach, Tampa, Ft Myers... are new markets for Priority Health's brand of Functional and Integrative Medicine

Launching this week.... Priority Health will set up services to bring its brand of Functional Medicine to the Orlando Florida and surrounding area of Central Florida and the Space Coast.  

The mission is to provide Preventive and Predictive Medical testing with follow up high-level counseling and education at a very affordable cost to the healthcare consumer.  Additionally it will be made very convenient in a house- or office- call platform.  Ideal with those who are very busy, cannot break away for a doctor's visit easily or who have limited mobility.

More to follow, but visit and LIKE US at:

areas around Orlando, Palm Bay, Vero Beach, Melbourne, Tampa and Ft. Myers are all included in our service area.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Test your Thyroid levels at home

Recent technological advances make it possible to check more advanced thyroid laboratory tests:

Besides the common TSH  these home kits offer free-T3 and free-T4 as well as TPO antibody titer levels.  They can be purchased nationally via online e-commerce health site Zimetry.  No need for a prescription, no need for a doctor's visit.  Simple and cost effective for those monitoring their thyroid hormone health.

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