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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Dr. Saleeby's MUST READ LIST...

Click on this Link to take you to and you can order and have shipped the following:

Dr. Saleeby's  "Wonder Herbs: A guide to three adaptogens."  (2016).

"Stop the Thyroid Madness, II"  where Dr. Saleeby authored Chapter 3 on NDT  (2014).

Dr. Barry Sear's "A week in the Zone"... helpful anti-inflammatory dietary recommendations, eliminate diabetes, reduce weight, live healthy.

Dr. Michael Ozner's book:  "Heart Attack Proof".

Pam McDonald's book on Apo E.

Dr. Horowitz's book on Chronic Illness and Lyme Dz. (2013)

Dr. Thomas Levy's "Primal Panacea" (2012)

and others.....


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Priority Health + HealthWave = GREAT Patient Care.

Priority Health now on board with HealthWave, to help patients with ease of checkout and order the very best supplements/products that Dr. Saleeby and Richardson prescribe.

 Link to HealthWave

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