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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Policosanol vs Statin Drug

Policosanol is a wonderful alternative to prescription 'statin' drugs in the
treatment of elevated cholesterol.

The side effects of statin drugs [are]:

1. Changes in liver function. Liver 'transaminases' can become elevated,
indicating liver damage with the use of prescription statin medications. For
this reason, routine, periodic blood work must be performed to monitor for this
potential and fairly common problem.

2. Muscle cramping and muscle aches. Muscle symptoms are common Lipitor side
effects, but occasionally something called “myopathy” occurs, involving actual
damage to muscle tissue.

3. Altered Memory and Poor Concentration. Changes in memory, focus,and/or
concentration can occur in patients receiving statin medications. People may
develop difficulty finding the right word. Lose items, and have memory issues
that can be disturbing. .

4. Depression and Irritability. Depression and mood changes are common
side-effects associated with statin use.

5. Headaches, Joint and Abdominal Pain.

6. Peripheral Neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy, perhaps due to CO-Q10
depletion may occur in patients receiving statins.

7. Sexual function problems, fatigue, dizziness.

Dosage and Administration of Policosanol:

1. Generally, starting dosages are 10 to 20 mg, by mouth daily. Cholesterol
levels can be expected to drop 10 to 20% at the 20 mg dosage, and increasing it
to 20 mg twice daily may give additional although non-linear results.

2. I [
David Stephen Klein, MD] start my patients on 20 mg twice daily. Policosanol is so inexpensive and
so devoid of side-effects that the higher dosage is the better place to start.

3. To this, I add Folic Acid 5,000 mcg (5 mg) once daily.

[**editors note: I will often time recommend Niacin (no-flush niacin) and extract of red rice yeast in addition to
policosanol. Also coQ10 is added in smaller amounts then what is recommended to be taken with statins when using
red rice yeast extract because in fact it is a natural "statin" agent]


** additions by JP Saleeby, MD

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