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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Electromagnetic Fields and Your Health

The Dangers of EMF


by JP Saleeby, MD

Like the ancient Romans before us who drank their wine out of pewter goblets unaware that the sweetness those metal vessels bestowed upon their wine was the toxin some historians consider contributed to their downfall. Yes the acidic wine leached out enough lead from their pewter drinking vessels to effectively sterilize Roman nobility. Today in the 21st century we live our lives unwittingly damaging ourselves with what we hold in high quarters as advanced technology making our lives richer. Slamming our bodies with mega doses of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) has become this millennium's poison of choice. Are we willing to give up the convenience of calling a friend while stuck in traffic. Are we to put on hold whipping out our laptop computer while waiting for a lay-over at the airport. No I think not. Even going "green" and replacing our incandescent lightbulbs with the energy saving florescent lights has some evil EMF repercussions. Many are unwilling to give up these conveniences so easily as the latency of the harm they produce are so remote to use we make no real time correlation. Should we see a "heavy cell phone user" drop dead in front of us as he talks and texts away, it may give us pause. Unfortunately, much like mad cow disease, it is a smoldering slow process that likely takes years to manifest. We must pick out technology wisely and use those for daily living judiciously and sparingly.

Even when we know the dangers of smoking, nicotine addicts cannot put their cigarettes down. Alcoholics aware of their liver swelling have a hard time keeping dry. Will it take a golf-ball sized tumor to force us to stop holding the cell phone so close to our brains? Going without our lickidly-split communicators is too much for some technofiles to bear. But you have been warned. There is mounting evidence showing rather significant harm from EMF. In 2007 an international collaborative effort occurred with scientists from the US, Sweden, Austria and China that released a 650-page report evaluating some 2000 studies pointing the finger at the public health risk of EMF. The group's report sited a variety of cancers, immunity disruptions and ailments ranging from dementia to heart disease as having an etiology in EMF. Several countries in the European Union have dismantled wireless networks and cell towers near schools and public buildings for fear that there may be overexposure to children. In Israel there is a ban on the placement of cellular antennae on residential buildings and in Russia the government has advised children under the age of 18 against the use of cell phones. Now we hear that the state of Maine is trying to legislate a ban of cell phone use amongst youngsters.

Besides cell phones we have to concern ourselves with WiFi transmitters, microwave communication towers, the power transformers we all use to recharge our cell phones and computers, and the increasingly ubiquitous fluorescent bulbs (compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs)) that Lowes and Home Depot are hawking as an energy saving alternative to incandescent bulbs. Of course, there are the detractors who say this is all hog-wash, but they tend to be funded by the cell phone and utilities industries. The jury is probably still out on how much EMF we as humans can really tolerate and why some are more sensitive than others, but it appears that there is really something to it and whether it pans out or not, it would be prudent to protect ourselves best we can to limit exposure to EMFs. Recommendations are to avoid wireless when possible (use a land line or put your cell phone on speaker and get it away from your head). Pick a safer lightbulb, stay away from circuit breakers, give up the Bluetooth headsets, don't use your cell phone when service is spotty as cell phones give off more radiation to compensate for low tower strength. Don't wear your cell phone as an accessory, don't put your laptop on your lap. Unplug your rechargers when not in use and pick LCD over plasma screens.


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