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Friday, February 12, 2010

BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (bHRT)

BioIdentical Hormones

by JP Saleeby, MD

With popularity growing daily, bioidentical hormones are
being used for the replacement of insulin, thyroid hormones,
gonadal (sex) hormones and the trend continues to be
natural. For insulin dependent diabetics, the last decade saw a
transition away from using porcine based insulin derivatives to
that of recombinant human forms. Some doctors also prefer to
prescribe a natural bio-identical thyroid replacement of both T3
and T4 in the correct ratios, rather than the single synthetic-T4
drugs offered, for thyroid disorders. Instead of synthetic blends,
physicians are also prescribing natural compounded sex hormones
such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone when
the need arises for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

Bioidentical hormones are manufactured in the lab to have
the same molecular structure as those made by the human body
and are therefore referred to as natural. By contrast, synthetic
hormones are intentionally different due to the fact that drug
companies cannot patent a bioidentical structure, therefore synthetic
hormones are invented that can be patented. Even though
bioidentical hormones have been around for years, many practitioners
are still unfamiliar with them. One of the major issues
remaining concerning bioidentical hormones is efficacy—reported
well designed double blinded studies to prove effectiveness
and the long-term study of potential side-effects. While
efficacy is a priority, the smaller number of controlled scientific
studies for natural hormone therapy is due in part to the lack
of financial support or underwriting of scientific trials on all
things natural. With increased interest, that fact is changing as
more studies are being published with growing acceptance of
research outside the USA.

What we replace in our bodies as the need arises should be
of the same biochemical composition as what our own endocrine
organs produce. Cost is another factor to consider as many
natural and bioidentical therapies are much less expensive than
more widely recognized synthetics. Side effects are another
major consideration as many women choose bioidenticals that
offer an almost exact replica of what the body once produced.
Other important considerations include the biochemical components,
dosage and timing (chronopharmacology). Appropriate
testing to determine each individual’s needs and current state of
health is the first step. Once a deficiency is detected, bioidentical
hormone replacement (bHRT) may be the best solution.

More details on bHRT are available on Dr. Saleeby’s
medical blog site at DocSaleeby.blogspot.
com. For a limited time, he is offering free consultations
for bHRT (a $300 value) to the first two
new patients who qualify based on income and
lack of health insurance status—patient will be
responsible for lab testing and any prescriptions.
See listing page 35.

Source: See page 17.

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