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Sunday, January 1, 2012

hCG Diet at Wellness One

With mounting obesity epidemiological statistics, it is as important as ever for those that are overweight, obese or suffer from metabolic syndrome (obese, elevated lipids, hypertension and pre-diabetes) to seek a "reduction" in body fat.  There are now easy steps in which to achieve quick reductions and establish lifestyle changes for good health.  Dr. Saleeby is associated with Wellness One of Myrtle Beach, SC as their new medical director.  Wellness One is a health and beauty medical spa that offers the proven hCG diet program and other protocols for weight management.

Watch the video below for more on the hCG Diet Program and contact information for Wellness One and Dr. Saleeby.

Call for an appointment today:  (843) 444-WELL (9355)

As a feature of being an active patient of Dr. Saleeby and WellnessOne, you will be ability to gain access to Xymogen pharmaceutical-grade (physician-only dispensed) supplements. 

Additionally, you are granted access to other health provider exclusive supplement lines with a 5% discount (Pure Encapsulations, Perque & Designs for Health DFH) via Emerson Ecologics.  Both web sites give you access to high quality, pharm-grade, well engineered lines of dietary supplements.  Many of the products the general public cannot purchase or order without access through a healthcare professional, so they are not available over-the-counter.  To set up a free account to order is simple; follow the steps on this page:

For discounts (5% and more) on your supplements access code:  yms333
Emerson Ecologics is an online distributor of many high quality and exclusive products and I recommend shopping for great deals on this site.  You are sure to find any supplement you are looking for on this site.  As an active patient of mine you have special access with additional discounts.  The account comes with a 5% discount to you on ALL products over and above the discounted prices.  You must have my access code to qualify for these discounts and access to some physician exclusive products.  You can learn more about what is available by visiting:   Again as one of our patients you receive an additional 5% discount on your orders.  Use Dr. Saleeby’s zip code 29512 and the access code:  yms333   or take the shortcut link below (cut and paste into your browser if you get an error message):

Physician exclusive product access: 

1)       Visit this link:  this is a secure web portal to
2)       Next click on the button that states:   No, my doctor has provided me with a code to create a new account.

3)       Enter for Code #:  staywell  (all lower case and no spaces)
4)       Enter for Practitioners Last Name:  saleeby  (lower case)

5)       Click on  and this will allow you access to set up your own secure account in which you can order Xymogen products on your own.  They are drop shipped directly to you.  I am not involved in that process.  The fact that it is online means you have access 24/7. 

If you have questions regarding supplements, what may be the best products for you,
or how and when to take them, Dr. Saleeby is available via email to help answer questions:

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