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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Oolong Tea story

One night long ago mother moon  beheld a beautiful scarlet comet burning in the sky where before had been only darkness. It seemed to her the most wondrous thing she had ever seen.
“Who are you?” she cried.
“I am Hong Long, the red dragon. I have traveled far and am weary but yet I have far to go, for indeed my journey never ends.”
Mother moon felt great pity for the handsome stranger and her heart opened to him. “Hong Long,” she said, “Why not stay with me for a while? I am lonely and you are tired. Let us comfort each other”
“Alas, I cannot linger for it is my fate to wander.” Said Hong Long, “But while I am in your sky I would be happy to have your company.”
And so it happened that for many weeks Mother Moon and the comet kept each either company. Hong Long told her stories of his travels and the wonders he had seen. Mother Moon shared her love of mankind, whom she watched over every night, and long did they laugh at the silly things people did as they rushed through their fleeting lives. In time, as is natural, Mother Moon and Hong Long fell in love.
But far too soon Hong Long had passed through Mother Moon’s sky and was on the far side of the night. Mother Moon confessed her love to Hong Long and he admitted he felt the same. “Must you really leave?” pleaded Mother Moon.
“I truly wish I could stay.” Said Hong Long, “But I am as God made me. I must continue my journey or I die.”
“Either way I would lose you,” sighed Mother Moon, “So, choose life and go your way.” As she spoke these words Hong Long passed from her sky and she saw him no more.
In sorrow, Mother Moon turned her attention to the Earth down below. As she glanced down a single white tear fell from her eye.  Below a tea bush was opening her leaves to feel the night breeze. Mother Moon’s tear fell directly on her. The tea bush was suffused with simultaneous feelings of love and unbearable sadness.
Ever since then the tea from that bush and her children has had a unique silky sweet essence that man in his ignorance called “milk” for he had no other word to describe this sensation. But we know it is really tears of longing that fell from the moon.
So goes the story of how milk oolong (called on our site Golden Lily Oolong) came to be.
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