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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Dr. Saleeby's MUST READ LIST...

Click on this Link to take you to and you can order and have shipped the following:

Dr. Saleeby's  "Wonder Herbs: A guide to three adaptogens."  (2016).

"Stop the Thyroid Madness, II"  where Dr. Saleeby authored Chapter 3 on NDT  (2014).

Dr. Barry Sear's "A week in the Zone"... helpful anti-inflammatory dietary recommendations, eliminate diabetes, reduce weight, live healthy.

Dr. Michael Ozner's book:  "Heart Attack Proof".

Pam McDonald's book on Apo E.

Dr. Horowitz's book on Chronic Illness and Lyme Dz. (2013)

Dr. Thomas Levy's "Primal Panacea" (2012)

and others.....


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