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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Orlando, Palm Bay, Vero Beach, Tampa, Ft Myers... are new markets for Priority Health's brand of Functional and Integrative Medicine

Launching this week.... Priority Health will set up services to bring its brand of Functional Medicine to the Orlando Florida and surrounding area of Central Florida and the Space Coast.  

The mission is to provide Preventive and Predictive Medical testing with follow up high-level counseling and education at a very affordable cost to the healthcare consumer.  Additionally it will be made very convenient in a house- or office- call platform.  Ideal with those who are very busy, cannot break away for a doctor's visit easily or who have limited mobility.

More to follow, but visit and LIKE US at:

areas around Orlando, Palm Bay, Vero Beach, Melbourne, Tampa and Ft. Myers are all included in our service area.

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